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Some very good reading to be had here-just discovered the site. However, being too pedantic I do feel compelled to say that off handedly saying that top streamers getting paid $2-10 million over 24 months is comparable to TV show actor's salary is fairly incorrect. Which TV actors exactly are getting $1-5 million a year? And for live work that's generally got quite a short shelf life for replay too. Maybe the older big shows like Seinfeld, Friends, Two and a Half Men or Big Bang Theory but that's not exactly the norm and again all of that content is made with the intention that it be replayed for years to come. There's probably thousands of TV actors that are better known by millions more viewers than streamers are-who outside of Twitch viewers would even recognize Tim The Tatman? Squid Game is getting tons of viewership right now and no actor on that is going to make anything remotely as much as a steamer with equivalent viewership would get.


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