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A response to the 'stuck culture' section, there are so many alternative arguments to this theory

1. The rise of fast fashion and micro trends shows that there are actually more subcultures and subtrends than ever, moving faster than ever.

2. The algorithm (for all its faults) serves you content you like, so it really is just an echo chamber of what you already like, rather than new trends outside your echochamber being forced into your field of vision, a la what happened when we all watched the same 3 TV channels

3. It could be argued that this era of culture being "curated from existing culture" is in and of itself, a culture? Give it a few more years and I'm sure there will be a strong rebuke of that, a counter culture, and a movement focused on something else. All the art movements we think of as "great" now, were almost always a rejection of the movement that came before them. In this environmental era, why create more when we can reduce, reuse, and recycle the culture that's already there - and (with exceptions) is still within its best before date?

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