The Terminal is a newsletter covering the unusual, marginal and esoteric in the world of business, tech, politics and culture — and especially the nebulous region where all four meet.

It’s written by me, James Hennessy. I’m was once editor of Business Insider Australia, and deputy editor of PEDESTRIAN.TV. My writing has appeared in VICE, The Guardian, The Outline, The Monthly, The Saturday Paper, the ABC, SBS and more.

I also co-host the Down Round podcast, which covers similar ground to this newsletter.

There are plenty of newsletters that cover the minutiae of what’s happening in the world of tech, business and finance. The Terminal, hopefully, is not quite that kind of newsletter. You’ll find your share of explainers on the drivers of our new reality, but I like to take a wider view on how these things are reverberating through the culture and changing the way way our societies are formed and — perhaps most importantly — how we relate to one another.

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